Delta Pharma Increases Capacity to Offer More Flexible Solutions

Delta Pharma is pleased to announce the installation of a new, custom-built, 4700 kg (1250 gallon) processing tank in their manufacturing facility.  This new tank, pictured here, will increase production capacity and lower associated costs.

A vertical processing tank with a 4700 kg (1250 gallon) capacity.
Double-jacketed with three separate heating zones.
316L Stainless steel construction.
Mounted on 4 stainless steel load cells for high-accuracy weight measurements.
Cleaning-in-place (CIP) spray balls.
Internal mixing includes a sweep-scrapper agitator, a counter-sweep agitator, and a vortex breaker with baffles at three locations, plus a 20 HP homogenizer/mixer.
Mixers controlled by a Euro-drive gearbox speed reducer connected to a control panel.
Product temperature monitored by a 6.0” insertion-thermocouple connected to a control panel.


  • Larger capacity
  • Increased technological capabilities
  • Less change over
  • Lower production costs
  • More flexible solutions

To find out more about Delta Pharma Inc. please email or call 1 (866) 685-7311.