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Robert Fairbairn

A member of the Quebec Order of Chemists, Robert Fairbairn holds a Ph.D and an MBA, combined with 28 years’ experience working in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Natural Health Product industries.

Prior to starting Delta Pharma Inc., Robert was Plant Manager at Chemaco Ltd, a manufacturer of peroxides, shampoos and conditioners and at Professional Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer and marketer of Marcelle Cosmetics. He also held the position of Associate Director of Scientific Affairs at Canderm Pharma.

In 2000, Robert founded Delta Pharma Inc. and in his role as President, he directs the operations of the company and uses his expertise and experience in the development of R & D projects.

Robert works closely with both new and existing Delta Pharma clients to establish long term relationships.

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Kathy Muloin
V.P. Business Development

An executive with more than 30 years of experience in management, marketing and sales, Kathleen is known for her energy, her pragmatism and her capacity to take charge. Her vast experience in market development and multi-national brand launches is a clear benefit for Delta Pharma.

Prior to joining Delta Pharma Inc. in 2013, she was Director of Marketing at Helene Curtis where she directed the launch of such major brands as Finesse, Salon Selectives and Degree Deodorant.

She also held the position of V.P. Sales and Marketing at Delegar, a manufacturer of various beauty products, followed by President of Mad Science Group, a franchisor of 122 franchises in over 29 countries.

In her position as V.P. Business Development at Delta Pharma, she oversees customer development and both administration and finance.

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Nadia Hémond, CPA, CGA
Financial Controller

A member of the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants, Nadia holds a BSc in Accounting and has over 7 years of professional experience.

Nadia started her professional career as an accounting technician and later continued her career path within an accounting firm. In addition to her accounting, finance and taxation background, she has developed strong communication skills and human resource experience.

Nadia manages Delta Pharma’s Finance Department where she establishes all internal financial statements and works closely across all departments to ensure that all laws and regulations are respected.

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Judith Charles
Director of QC/QA

A senior quality control professional with almost 20 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Judith holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy, as well as an MBA in Biotechnology.

Known for her reliability, adaptability and motivational skills, Judith brings extensive experience in quality assurance, quality control, and production; and has a unique knowledge of quality management and lean manufacturing using continuous improvement techniques.

Prior to joining Delta Pharma, Judith held positions in various Pharmaceutical companies including Pharmascience Inc., Valeant Groupe Cosmederm and Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical.


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Allyson Roberts
Account Manager

Allyson's background in customer relationship management and her ability to work closely with clients will help elevate Delta Pharma’s commitment to providing value and exceptional customer experiences.

Allyson will also be part of our business development team and will bring her many years of developing and implementing growth strategies to the Delta sales team.


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