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The management and employees of Delta Pharma Inc. are dedicated in their continuing efforts to abide by, and strive for, the ideals expressed in the following vision statements:

OUR CLIENTS: Delta Pharma Inc. will promote mutually beneficial business relationships with all our clients by ‘‘entering into a partnership’’ that will be based on an understanding that, together, through honest dialogue and a commitment to achieving our respective goals, our clients, and Delta Pharma Inc. will be successful.

OUR EMPLOYEES: Delta Pharma Inc. will foster an environment of communication and trust and will encourage and empower our employees to make decisions and to take action when they see opportunities that will fulfill the visions contained in these statements.

OUR COMPANY: Delta Pharma Inc. and our employees will continually focus on being a profitable, contract manufacture for small to large sized companies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and natural health industries by providing quality services and products at a fair price.

OUR COMMUNITY: Delta Pharma Inc. will strive to be a valued community leader by providing employment, by supporting initiatives that encourage leadership, and by assisting in efforts that help to make the world more humane.